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Support Tom Tiffany for Congress

February 14, 2020

To the Editor:
We have known Senator Tom Tiffany since the time he was Captain of his 80-foot excursion boat, the Wilderness Queen, on the Willow Flowage where we were guests of Tom and his wife Chris.
Life has changed dramatically for Tom and his family since the Willow Flowage days — although he’s still the Flowage dam keeper — he has become more of a politician and a darn good one, too. He has progressed from a town supervisor to a state assembly person to a state senator, and now is a candidate for Congressman of the 7th District of Wisconsin. This trip hasn’t been a bed of roses; he’s had some defeats en route to where he is, but he’s been doggedly persistent and has successfully achieved his goals. His current goal is to serve the people of Wisconsin in the 7th District as a United States Congressman. 
We believe in and support his goal because his goal is good for Wisconsin and America.
Senator Tiffany’s leadership on property rights has brought important changes that benefit property owners throughout the state. He and Rep. Adam Jarchow authored the “Homeowners Bill of rights that improved how these issues are handled (Tom Larson, WRA, 12.8.2017) “All substandard lots are grandfathered. A substandard lot is defined ... as a legally created lot that met any applicable lot size requirements when it was created but does not meet the current lot size requirements;” 2) The conditional use permitting process will provide more certainty to property owners — substantive evidence rather than personal subjective preferences.;   3) “Homeowners can challenge their assessments even if they deny assessors entry into their homes;” 4) “No changes to the rules after a permit application has been submitted”; and 5) “All variances are not equal: “... the new law codifies recent case law that established different standards for use and area variances. An “area variance” is defined … as “a modification to a dimensional, physical, or locational requirement such as a setback, frontage, height, bulk, or density restriction for a structure.” A common example of such a variance is allowing a garage to encroach a few inches or feet into a side yard setback. The law defines “use variance” as an “authorization for the use of land for a purpose that is otherwise not allowed or is prohibited by the applicable zoning ordinance.” An example would be allowing a commercial use in a residential neighborhood.”
We refer the readers to a letter in The Federalist (Jan. 23, 2020) in which Senator Tiffany describes his role in the infamous John Doe activities that resulted in harassment and abuse of citizens in Wisconsin. He uses his experience in this fiasco to focus on abuses the FBI used in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court abuses in Democrats’ attempt to discredit and ouster President Trump from office.
Senator Tiffany also served on the important and powerful joint committee on finance which had a large influence on how state money is spent.
We listed only a few of Tom’s activities in state government. He was involved in every facet of state government as he will as a congressman in Washington. His experience in state government augurs well for his election as our congressman. Finally, we admire Tom’s courage and tenacity. He will be an outstanding participant and leader in Washington. We can’t miss with Tom because we have his record of accomplishments in our state.

Vern and Sue Moore



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