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Thank you

May 29, 2020

To the Editor:

To all the kind and wonderful supporters during our recent tragedy:

We wanted to personally write a thank you to all of you, to try and express our gratitude for your encouragement, concern and support. 

We are devastated at the loss of our home in the Northwoods on April 29. We lost everything including family pictures, and treasured keepsakes from friends and family.

The material value was minimal, but the memories and meaning were truly priceless to us also. Your outpouring of kindness and support is a true blessing to us. It has lifted our spirits and has given us hope.

You all have helped in this situation and we fell there is a rainbow there at the end of this tragedy. I pray that God blesses each one of you in some way in life. You always will have a special place in our hearts forever.

We will never forget you.

Joanne, Fred, David Bock (and Woody the dog)

St. Germain



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