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The girl in the LDF School office goes to New York!

November 08, 2019

To the Editor:

And she wants to share her story ...

A life-changing trip! And I really believe it was for everyone who made the trek!

Let’s start from the beginning, with me asking, can I go to Niagara Falls, New York with the group that’s going to receive their Rising Star Award? I asked if I was OK to go, (worthy/so to speak — the girl in the office), I also made sure I wasn’t taking a spot from someone else ... the answer was yes! We need a driver! So, I drove! (Thanks to Ms. Victoria Long for the extra words of encouragement — and to, Ms. Doreen for making me feel like a part of the group the entire team and what a professionally orchestrated trip it was — great job!)

Really, let me tell you ,it was a life-changing trip for me, and I believe for everyone else!

And … guess what, yes, guess what ... oh this is the exciting part where the school becomes even more involved ... did you know that each and every one of you went along on this trip too ... yes, you all went to New York! How do you ask? We carried you in our hearts! We carried our gratefulness of our administrators, our maintenance team, our kitchen team, our awesome teachers and staff, (with a special dedication to Ms. Renae and her mom, Ms. Renae just lost her mom so she was unable to make the trip) but, most of all ... all of you students!

Do you know how many stories were shared about our students here ... little Liam Armstrong, beautiful Aiyana Pounder, and our students who are now in H.S. You were all in our hearts! 

So, here’s the question for you! You need to ask yourself right now ... are you ready to be a part of this super exciting happening event … The Big Picture? Are you ready to be a part of this exciting, historic moment in time (when our very own LDF students, received the NAMA/Native American Music Award which is a nationally televised red-carpet the real deal event ... (and held the first-ever new award — The Rising Star)? 

I know your answer is yes! Because this is only the beginning! We just planted the seed ... so let’s grow! Let’s keep growing! We are now famous! Really!

I am so grateful!

True, LDF School has always had a powerful portrayal of great administrators, teachers and staff, and lively learning students ... but now ... we have just opened a brand-new door into the future! A door that leads into: people talking about our students and their great accomplishments, our powerful leaders, a special thank you to Bobby Bullet, his beautiful wife Pam, Brian, Carol, Doreen, Ben, Larry, and really just everyone who could see this bigger picture unfolding! Actually, the first character trait of the 7 Teachings is “wisdom,” which is sort of the same as The Big Picture: It’s about thinking ahead, having the wisdom and ability to see what others see, to see what they’re missing, what they need ... and how to navigate uncharted territory! We all did it! 

Real quick, getting back to the door that has now been opened: it’s a door that leads to our students, just ordinary kids who now have been on live national TV, walked on the red carpet, walked upon a huge stage shook hands with famous actors and actresses, dined at tables where famous leaders, presidents, other tribal people from across the world have dined, they’ve eaten real buffalo wings in Buffalo New York, have felt the mist of the third largest natural waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls, have flown on airplanes received their first set of flying wings, (thanks Delta!) received hugs — and danced with the world-famous, Mickie James, a gorgeous beautiful wrestling star, slept in a 5-star hotel (with 26 floors) and ... then … well they brought home the Rising Star Award! A NAMA ... the real deal! 

Oh, one more thing to share … the fry bread — they ate fry bread made by the Seneca, Niagara Falls team ... and we were all reminded about the fact that fry bread only has three ingredients ... flour, water and salt ... so how can it taste so good? It’s the human factor, the human touch, that makes it taste so good! 

And, then there were the survival stories from some of the award-winning recipients — a story of a native American out drinking and driving, he crashed and lost complete use of his right arm, but somehow he came back stronger — he survived with the help of his buddies, they made the decision to write a song that would win a Nammy, and it did! And, Ms. Mickie James, sharing her story of being just a poor little Indian girl living on a reservation, but her Grandma believed in her and she didn’t want to let her Grandma down, now look at her! And then the famous Wes Studi — actor (“Dances with Wolves”/“Avatar”) and now a Hall of Famer!

And we just can't forget the ride on the limo/bus ... meeting Mr. Jason Moon who writes “Warrior Songs” ... music to heal soldiers suffering from PTSD. And get this … he served time in Iraq with our very own Melissa Doud, actually created a song with the jingle (bullet shell) dress in the background for sound effects. He is now living in Vietnam ... Melissa, thank you!

SO ... let me ask you again … do you feel like you were on the trip with us are you ready to be a part of this Rising Star/Big Picture event? 

I know your answer is yes! 

Let’s think unselfishly, let’s think of the possibilities, let’s walk through this open door together … we are ready! 

“Our nation needs bridges, and bridges are built by those who look to the future and dedicate themselves to helping others! We here at LDF school don’t know what the future holds, but we know that who holds the future ... and it’s you”! (found a portion of a quote from Sandra Day O’Connor) 

I am so grateful I was allowed to go on this adventure! As you can see, it really was a life-changing event for me! 

Thank you!


Cindy L. Kyska

LdF School



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