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‘The morons of the day’

May 05, 2020

To the Editor:

Please can someone explain why?

I know everyone is eager to get out of the house, get back to work, go out for a meal, shop, etc., but right now we cannot do these things. Not because someone (the governor) is mean, but we are not safe out and about. Governor Evers and everyone else is in water we know nothing about. People are dying, hundreds or more every day in the United States.

So why does the President of the United States praise people protesting about Safer at Home, social distancing and possibly causing much more harm than good? He has nothing positive to say except the ECOMANY (sic) $$$. People are dying. He criticizes the doctor who is the federal government’s top infections (sic) disease expert, the Center for the Disease Control expert, when they say stay at home, it saves lives.

Then we have Tiffany wanting your vote, so he can go to Washington to help Wisconsin? Nothing worth my vote. He is a career politician with no positive trail in Wisconsin. Tiffany should be 6 feet away from our governor helping Wisconsin through this virus.

Then you have Swearington (sic) in Rhinelander, same as Tiffany, he also has no answer for any question but the tavern league cries they want to open up bars and restaurants with some restrictions, all of a sudden Swearington (sic) is on TV saying good idea. Yea, he is a bartender not a politician. 

Then you have Sean Duffy, he “gave up” his job as congressman in Wisconsin due to the illness of his youngest child, very admirable of him (he has a new job). But tell me why he would attend a protest rally in his plaid shirt, no mask, to complain about the Safe at Home policy. Then go home to his kids. Sick man!

Also at this protest rally was an Aspirus doctor, a cardiologist Dr. David Murdock. Says he was getting info for a book.

No mask, does he not realize his chosen profession, doctors and nurses are supposed to help people, cure people, save people not attend a protest.

Everyone should be standing by and helping our governor and every governor in every state. They and we are all in the same unknown and we all need to help each other.

Please don’t think I am just picking on the Republicans but everyone: President, Tiffany, Swearington (sic), Dr. Murdock (unknown). Most of the protestors (Trump signs) are the ones acting like the morons of the day. I am a senior citizen, most of my friends are seniors, we are scared. I would love to go and visit my children, grandchildren, out to eat, shop, all the above, but I stay at home to protect myself and others.

Today, (April 21), 230 deaths in Wisconsin.

Virginia Hindman




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