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‘They should wear orange jumpsuits’

July 24, 2020

To the Editor:

If you represent the people you should be prioritizing their right, their health safety and their ability to vote responsibly and freely. Instead you block it with lies when the common voter sees it as a great idea and a move to the future. It’s working in several states that have chosen to favor their citizens. But what do we get in Wisconsin is a stall to kill the time needed to make it feasible. So what is their choice? To force the disabled, elderly and common voter into a corona virus incubator environment. They suspect fraud but that would not compare to what they have subjected us to during their tenure like manipulating their voting public with half truths, lies, party favoritism while sitting on their laurels and filling their investment pockets. They don’t need suits they should wear orange jumpsuits. They treat us like pawns while they prioritize their own interests. We have to clean out all the politicians of low character from Washington DC. and Madison Wisconsin. Authoritarians don’t represent the needs and concerns of the people. We need to be new not used.

Craig Strid




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