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Tiffany for U.S. Congress

May 05, 2020

To the Editor:

In an April 7 special election, State Senator Tom Tiffany won the right to represent the Republican Party to replace Congressman Sean Duffy as 7th District congressman.

Tom will now face Democrat nominee, Tricia Zunker, in another special election May 12. The winner will be the U.S. Congress person in Washington representing Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.

Senator Tiffany has earned his credentials as a conservative in his tenures in the state assembly and state senate including serving on the powerful Joint Finance Committee. This committee decides how to raise and spend money on state projects.

A reformer, Tom led efforts to erase a $1 billion deficit by the state which now operates with a surplus. He is also a leader on property rights having co-authored the Homeowners Bill of Rights.

In Washington, Tom will be a supporter of President Trump’s agenda including the second amendment, border security, a balanced budget and the start of eliminating some of the massive national debt. He is opposed to such stupid ideas as The Green New Deal and Medicare for All.  

Senator Tiffany has been criticized for his many tries for election to state offices. Instead, we believe he should be lionized as these illustrate his persistence and tenacity. These virtues will serve him (and us) well in the U.S. Congress.

On a personal level, Tom has never officially represented Price County (where I reside) in either the state assembly or senate. Yet, he has actively participated in Price County politics including door-to-door solicitations for other candidates. He has always been available to help when called upon. If I want to discuss an issue, I contact Tom’s office, not the assembly person and senator who are supposed represent me. In these trying days of COVID-19 control, Tom will not be as visible but he’ll use other ways to stay in contact.

Let’s send Tom to Washington with a large margin of victory, a mandate to help the president and his fellow Republicans to continue draining the swamp.

Vern Moore




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