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Tony Evers vs. Wisconsin businesses, especially the Northwoods

April 24, 2020

To the Editor:

Tony Evers decision making is making stupid look like smart. At the beginning of our state’s shutdown he announced, without any notice, on St Patrick’s day (a holiday) to shut down all businesses and restaurants. Many restaurants had purchased and cooked special food (corned beef and cabbage) in anticipation of this day and had reservations. Evidently, Evers gave no thought to that. My business had just received $3,000 in food and beverage for that day and the coming weekend. Now, I have no way to pay my suppliers. Thank God they understand and are in the same situation as all of us. A little planning on Evers part by giving everyone a little notice of an expected shutdown would have really helped.

Now, Evers has announced the shutdown to continue through May 26, after Memorial Day weekend. That is one week longer than New York just announced.

Why? Again he is making stupid look smart!

Evers closed the parks, but recently opened the golf courses. What? Do you think he might be a golfer?

As of this writing Vilas county has three cases and zero deaths and Oneida county has three cases and zero deaths. This doesn’t even compare to New York where they cram people into buses, subways and elevators. Anyone who has a summer home is up here and escaping the more crowded cities.

Spain has a population of 40 million. Italy has a population of 60 million. Our population is 330 million. The current deaths for Spain as a percentage is .0005%. For Italy it is .0004%. For the U.S. it is .0001%.  

I agree, this is an epidemic and human life is invaluable and we must do what we can to minimize it, but at what cost?

The swine flu in 2009 affected 61 million people and caused 12,469 deaths. Does anyone remember that? What did we do back then?

I agree this virus is much more deadly, but let’s put everything in perspective.

Opening fishing in the Northwoods is a big event and Memorial Day weekend is even bigger. Why open the day after that weekend? All of the resort owners had reservations with down payments made for that weekend and now they have to refund that money and can’t do it.   

Evers is obviously against small business. Many businesses aren’t going to make it, especially with his decision making.  

Governor Evers. Please don’t treat the Northwoods like Milwaukee and Madison.

Neal T. Kania

Arbor Vitae



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