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Tricia Zunker will fight for our local interests

May 01, 2020

To the Editor:

For the May 12 special election for the U.S. 7th Congressional District, will we choose Tom Tiffany, who has demonstrated that he does not care about our local interests and is beholden to the large corporate interests who fund his campaign? Or will we choose Tricia Zunker of Wausau, who is running a grassroots campaign because she does not want to be beholden to special interests?

As state senator for the past seven years, Tom Tiffany has pushed through legislation that dismantled environmental protections of our waterways, forest lands and air quality. In 2017, Tiffany sponsored Act 134, known as the “Mining for America” bill, which lifted the state’s 20-year moratorium that protected us from giving permits to mining companies with lousy pollution records, and limited citizens’ rights to participate in the permitting process. In 2018, when Oneida County held a referendum asking citizens whether or not they wanted a sulfide mine in western Oneida County, adjacent to the Willow Flowage — a state-designated Outstanding Water Resource for its clean water — Tiffany lobbied vigorously for sulfide mining. Fortunately, the citizens listened to their hearts and not Tiffany, and voted 63% against allowing a sulfide mine.

With Tricia Zunker, we have an opportunity to elect a someone who cares about a clean environment. As president of the Wausau School Board and as a justice on the Ho-Chunk Nation Supreme Court, her actions have demonstrated her commitment to environmental, social, and racial justice. In Congress, she will advocate for legislation that will protect our right to clean air and water and address the climate crisis. She will advocate for lowering the cost of prescription drugs, access to affordable health care, and funding for public education. She will advocate for support to Wisconsin’s family farmers, providing access to broadband, timely loans and ending predatory lending practices.

Tricia Zunker will not represent large corporate interests. She will represent us, the people of North Central Wisconsin, who want to preserve our lakes and forestlands, who value our working families, our farmers, and quality education for our children.

Sarah Juon




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