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July 10, 2020

To the Editor:

The “Our View” article “The Second Wave” (July 3) gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Whistling past the graveyard.” This political propaganda piece epitomizes the art of “gas lighting” — manipulating a person by forcing them to question their thoughts, memories, and the events occurring around them. The victim of gas-lighting can even be maneuvered to the point that they begin to question their own reality. One characteristic of political propaganda is volume and in this instance Moore and Walker inundate the reader with a Pollyanna version of the facts pretending everything concerning the pandemic is going along swimmingly and we should have never imposed “lockdowns” which have impacted the economy.

Moore and Walker suggest any remaining inconvenient restrictions should be lifted or done away with so we can get on with the economy. They treat us as economic units not living beings with a soul. What they are proposing and making sound reasonable is at worse passive genocide and at best consensual mass suicide. No, we will not go gently into that good night. Like Trump and the GOP in general their answer to the pandemic is just give up and let it run its course to achieve herd immunity. After all, it affects mostly seniors. What, the old people, the people with underlying medical conditions and maybe those not capable of being cognizant enough mentally to take care of themselves should be categorized as expendable? This is not a solution. This is reverse eugenics, but instead of breeding undesirable traits out of the herd Moore and Walker would prefer to let those that are susceptible to the covid virus just die off. I feel the person holding the wrong end of that shit stick would beg to differ.

Moore and Walker bolster their position with “statistics.” The worst lie of the age old adage that there are three kinds of lies: “lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Seriously if the idea that every life is of equal value, we’d expect to feel twice the sympathy for two victims as for one. But, Moore and Walker take Joseph Stalin’s dictum to heart — Stalin, who is reputed to have said that the death of one person is a tragedy; the death of one million is a statistic. Undeniably, in Moore’s and Walker’s argument 130,000 and counting American deaths is just a statistic!

This is what the “Trump Affliction” has done to the American psyche, we now accept the unacceptable as the norm, survival of the fittest is becoming the rule and the sentiment of low expectations is now considered satisfactory. We now question our very thoughts, memories, events, reality itself, as well as, our own sanity. We are victims of gaslighting-We are told blatant lies, the bigger the better. This sets up precedent and when the lie is repeated often enough it becomes accepted fact. People like having a sense of stability and normalcy, but now pundits speak or write throwing out unproven theories or spurious facts so we become confused and no longer know who to trust and are so befuddled that we constantly question everything.

In examining the harangue put forth by the pundits Moore and Walker, one notes a recurring message, that the number of deaths can be bushed off with “Again, that’s good news.” They support their assertion with misleading half truths. But, numerous medical and scientific sources shed a different light.

• The massive lockdowns, of course, were intended to “flatten the curve” to prevent our hospital infrastructure from being overwhelmed. That onslaught never happened ...

Because the lockdowns were effective and cut the infection rate.

• The death toll, too, was exaggerated. It’s hard to say precisely what the death toll really is because we don’t know how many people died who were going to die anyway from other conditions but ended up being counted as COVID-19 deaths because they had tested positive.

“That statement might make you conclude that the U.S. COVID-19 data will be skewed to count many people who died with COVID-19 as an irrelevant background condition, inflating the numbers up from the count of those who clearly died from the effects of the virus. Epidemiological data showing that the overall numbers of deaths during the months of this pandemic have far outpaced the death rate during the same period in recent past years, and in fact the lack of available testing might be a reason why COVID-19 would not make it onto a death certificate.”

• We do acknowledge the virus did turn out to be quite serious for a few population groups, especially those over 70 and with underlying conditions, and those in long-term care facilities.

“The new data show that up to one-fifth of infected people ages 20-44 have been hospitalized, including 2%-4% who required treatment in an intensive care unit.”

• So let’s talk about hospitalizations. Hospitalizations have increased in some locations but once again the overall trend is either stable or declining, despite headlines suggesting otherwise. As we report today, hospitalization rates are not keeping pace with the number of diagnosed cases, and Wisconsin tells the tale.

“Texas had more than 8,000 hospitalized covid-19 patients on Sunday, July 5, a record number of hospitalizations and one of the highest in the country, according to a CNBC analysis of data compiled by the Covid Tracking Project. The number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 grew by 5% or more Sunday, July 5 in 23 states. Coronavirus cases were growing in 36 states in the U.S. as of Sunday, based on a seven-day moving average, according to a CNBC analysis of data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Cases across the U.S. grew by more than 26% compared with a week ago, according to Hopkins data. A number of hospitals in southern states are at 95% bed capacity and have instituted ‘triage.’”

• The North Carolina data, as both European and U.S. doctors are reporting — that the virus is weakening, as viruses have a tendency to do. What was a hurricane in March could be a just a drizzle by the fall.

Not said is as the virus weakens it is becoming more infectious. So although weakened it can infect more people. And if it weakened it can reverse course and mutate to a more virulent version.

Yet, “As Coronavirus Surges in U.S., Some Countries Have Just About Halted It,” WSJ.

“Estonia has detected only 12 infections in the past two weeks; Iceland, 40. Norway has reported 187; Ireland 148. The latter two are comparable in population to South Carolina, which over the same period reported almost 17,000 new cases of coronavirus infection. Rigorous testing and tracing the contacts of infected people alongside local lockdowns are the ‘only realistic options’ for controlling the virus in the short term. Countries which took longer to reach widespread mask usage whether by policy or cultural norms suffered more virus cases and fatalities.”

Ah, mask usage something for which the U.S. is averse. A new report from Goldman Sachs indicates that a nationwide face mask mandate could lower COVID-19 infections and help economic recovery. A mask mandate could take the place of renewed lockdowns that would make the economy even worse and cut GDP by 5%, according to an analysis released Monday night.

Frankly I’m scared and a little tired of the intellectually incurious, morally corrupt, ethically challenged, person posing as President, who has shown that he is not only incapable of handling this pandemic, but also doesn’t care. God help us! 

John Kocovsky




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