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Vote on April 7

April 17, 2020

To the Editor:

Two non-binding referenda will appear on many April 7 ballots in Vilas and Oneida counties. One question asks voters if they want Wisconsin to go to a non-partisan method of drawing voting maps after each census as Iowa has done for decades. The other question asks voters if they want political money from corporations, unions, and political groups to be regulated with limits as the McCain-Feingold law once did. The U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling called Citizen’s United ended those regulations 10 years ago.

Some voters are asking how did these referenda get on my ballot. These two local advisory or non-binding questions came about because local volunteers from two statewide nonpartisan organizations appeared  before their town boards or city council and asked for the questions to be on the April ballot. Seventeen municipalities agreed to do so.

These town boards and city councils are, of course, not bound legally to the advisory results but it does give them an opportunity to see how their own constituents feel about these issues and to have their opinions officially tallied. Think of it as a sort of “Paper Town Hall.”

In many other areas of Wisconsin, both questions have already passed with over an 80% “yes” vote with participation from both political parties. So if the questions are on your ballot, be sure you vote April 7 and let your town or city officials know your opinion. In person absentee voting with your clerks starts March 23. Voters can still go on line to myvote.wi.gov and request an absentee ballot by mail through March 18. After March 18 all contacts must be in person with your clerk rather than online.

Denise Goetter  

Lac du Flambeau

Joe Mastalski


Daniel Cabot and Maria Zayas


Joe and Karen Augitto




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