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Whatever happened to faith, courage and common sense?

July 17, 2020

To the Editor:

One month ago we commemorated June 6, D-Day in 1944. Over 57,500 American soliders bravely stormed the beaches of Normandy. Facing almost certain death in a hail of machine gun fire, they did this to protect their fellow Americans back home from tyranny, and to protect our freedom. Americans through the ages have been willings to fight and die for the ideals that make America the greatest country in the world. On July 4, 1776 we became a free nation because Americans stood up and fought for freedom.

Now, due to a  temporary virus that has made its presence known here, we the people have given up our freedoms, to tyrants at the federal, state and local levels without a whimper. What have we lost? Church services, graduations, baseball and softballs games, parades, summer kids programs, concerts and more. If they have it their way, this will drag on as long as possible, and be permanent changes if we the people do not refuse to allow our freedoms to be stolen forever. Ms. Conlon, Oneida County public health officer, has already prophesized that this will be the “new normal.” The powers that be have decided they know what is best for our families and us better than we do. My son and many other young men and young women have been training very hard for the chance to represent the Lakeland Union High School in their chosen sports. Now, because sports are considered “non-essential,” most are canceled, or face severe modifications. Sports are very important to the athletes and their parents. If the young person is a senior, they have had their only chance to play as a senior stolen from them. Also, the coaches who are dedicated to training student athletes lose out on doing the job they love.

Day to day activities that make life worth living are being removed or drastically changed. I want my children and grandchildren to grow up enjoying the same freedoms I had. We cannot be a free people if we allow fear to rule our actions. We need to resist any and all attempts being imposed on the people of the United States to alter our way of life. So-called temporary restrictions have a way of becoming permanent if allowed to. There is knowledge and data being learned about this bug, which has led to the draconian restrictions imposed on our lives. However, wisdom is not being used. Wisdom is the correct application for the knowledge. Wisdom comes from God. However, most if not all of the leaders responsible for the state we are in do not rely on God to lead their decisions. This leads to lack of faith, which then allows fear and the lust for control to be the impetus behind the decisions.

Our President at the very out set said we must not allow the cure to be worse than the disease. He was absolutely correct. This is exactly what’s happening. The governors, mayors et al., have largely ignored his warning. Let’s not allow the ending of our National Anthem, “Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave,” to be just words. We need to live them out and make them ring true for our children and grandchildren. Let’s not redefine the convictions that have made America the great country it is.

Mark Albertus

Lac du Flambeau



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