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‘Why are you here?’

February 28, 2020

To the Editor:

To the Oneida County Board, 

Why are you here? What do you want for your county?

Do you govern out of love or fear? These are the only avenues you have, or anyone else, for that matter.

My impressions, when I go to meetings is that you govern out of fear. Money and greed guide your motivations. Take, for example, the simple math of governing our wetlands. And I say our wetlands because they are the keepers of our clean water lakes. They are like a sieve that filters out the waste running down our rivers and streams from seepage of human waste and junk.

The wetlands serve as guardians of our lakes. Where are the walleyes? Over the 25 years that I’ve been here, I’ve seen, our once-clear-to the-bottom of our lakes become clouded. Why? Because of asphalt driveway run-off and damming up of our wetlands for bigger housing.

A landowner boasted to the board, "This is my land and I can do what I want with it.” Well, buddy, it’s not your land. You can’t take it with you and what you do to it do to it will be reflected for generations, if not forever. Your children and grandchildren will inherit “your land,” but will they inherit the clean, clear beauty that is our God given privilege for living in the paradise we call the Northwoods.

How greedy can you get?

And the deregulation of our wetlands is not even good business. You ask any of our businesses up here, “What would you do without the tourists?” They come up here by the millions, from all over the world, to find a peaceful oasis for their souls. If the lakes are polluted, would they come? 

And do not kid yourselves. Tourism pays for your new fire houses, town meeting rooms, wonderful libraries and police buildings. Your land taxes alone would not touch the money that comes from tourism. 

So my question is “Oneida County board members, why are you here?”

A. Jane Schrameyer




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