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Why impeachment and why now?

January 31, 2020

To the Editor:

As more and more information that is revealed in politics the more and more people see what the Democrat elite are like.

In 2016 in all my research, I believe Sanders had a better chance to beat Trump for president. I still had Trump winning. The Democrat elite chose H. Clinton over Sanders, irrelevant of what the Democrat people wanted. But why Clinton over Sanders? 

Now in 2020, I believe the Democrat elite want Biden for president. How do the elite get Biden in for presidency? It is the timing of the impeachment. The Iowa caucus is Feb. 3, 2020. By moving forward with the impeachment now, it keeps the other presidential candidates that are senators in Washington. They cannot be out campaigning until the proceedings are over. Joe Biden will get a virtually uncontested time to campaign going into Iowa. He will have an advantage over the other candidates. 

But why Biden over the others?

It is not debatable when it comes to the Clintons and corruption. Clinton is well known to be very corrupt. If you do not know and understand that by now, I feel sorry for you.

Unfortunately, with all the ruckus the Democrats make about impeachment, much more information about corruption in Washington has been exposed. If Clinton was president, all this would have been covered up. If Biden is president, all this will be dismissed. 

The Democrat elite must keep Trump from another term in office. They must cover up this corruption (which is now a little late) or take over the presidency and dismiss all the evidence of corruption against them. As more and more democrats are being charged with crimes, soon the flood gates will open on the corruption.

But why Biden over the others?

It is now being reveled that the larger Biden family may be more corrupt than the Clinton family. It is kind of like Clinton bragging about how corrupt they are, and Biden says, “Hold my beer.” The Democrat elite want Joe Biden in office. Joe Biden’s family is extremely corrupt. Even more than Clinton.

This information is being made public. There are two books that are non-fiction and include hundreds and hundreds of references to locate the information. They are:

“The Deeper State” by Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis.

“Profiles in Corruption” by Peter Schweizer.

The Democrat elite will push anything and everything, even impeachment with no facts. The elite have even said if Trump is impeached, they will go after Pence next. The Democrat elite must get in office to cover-up and dismiss all this corruption. Their lives depend on it. 

The facts are being made public. If you do not want to read and understand this, you are choosing to remain ignorant. And I do feel sorry for you.

Rick Holman





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