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Why you should vote for Tom Tiffany

January 31, 2020

To the Editor:

I am writing to ask you to support Tom Tiffany for the House of Representatives. Please let me explain why. I served both as a supervisor and then town chairman for the Town of Boulder Junction Wisconsin for eight years. I have also served on the Vilas County Landfill Authority and a local Lakes Association. So you understand, I have never declared myself as a Republican. What I learned during that time was that our townspeople could count on Tom and his staff to assist us with the day to day stuff that is often forgotten about regarding what a representative does in the background. Most people focus on the headline issues and have no idea about the many roadblocks both the State and Federal governments impose upon us. Things like getting the State DNR or EPA to allow a small township to do something as simple as replacing a worn out failing culvert or getting information on how to apply for funding to repair or replace an aging bridge. These are issues you will rarely read about in your local newspaper. In the past I have had to contact and work with various local, county, state and federal agencies and representatives to try to get these simple issues resolved. Most of the time they would refer me to an intern or aid and nobody would return my calls or e-mails. During that time (eight years) I have never experienced better support combined with hard core advocacy to resolve these issues than I had with Tom Tiffany. I cannot say I ever experienced Tom blowing me off when we came to him with an issue. Either he or his staff would get back to me promptly. Most of the time it was Tom himself. He would contact the various parties involved to try his best to cut through the mountains of red tape, forms, etc. to get us to the results we needed. As far as I am concerned Tom has a lengthy and proven record of working extremely hard while serving in his past positions. His common sense, experience and dedication is just what we need going forward in the House of Representatives.   

Charlie Spencer

Boulder Junction




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