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‘Your vote is worth more than a shovel full of manure’

January 21, 2020

To the Editor:

(Sean) Duffy wore black and red plaid logging shirts and let his history of logging competition known. You might ask yourself what’s wrong with that? It is a deceptive attempt to capture votes from uninformed voters through identity association. Now we have (Tom) Tiffany’s political ads airing during regional news. It’s Tiffany wearing work clothes and standing among cows in a barn. He informs that he has a history of shoveling manure. An image of Wisconsin history and heritage is put in the minds of the viewing public with purposeful intent. That same image will enter the minds of uninformed voters prior to their putting a check next to Tiffany’s name on Election Day. The only image that voters need to put into their conscience mind is that Tiffany is shoveling manure and that qualifies him to replace Duffy. We deserve better. I think that tactic of familiarization is deceptive, deceitful and bull manure. Your vote is worth more than a shovel full of bull-manure.

Craig Strid




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