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A Sunday tradition

September 08, 2020 by Brett LaBore

The National Football League is coming back and it’s coming back soon. In about a week, the Packers will open their season at Minnesota. I am more than excited.

Football has long been a tradition for my family, like many of yours. I started getting into the NFL when I was seven years old in 2003. Since then, it’s been my favorite professional sport.

There is nothing like waking up on game days. There’s a buzz in the air because you know it’s time for football. And here’s the difference between this and other professional sports — it’s once a week. 

You get one game to enjoy for about three hours. Win, lose or tie, you would have to wait another week for the next game. And obviously there’s shorter weeks with Thursday, Monday Night Football, etc.

But it averages out to a week and then there’s a bye week. That’s why I’m always so excited when my team, the Packers, win, because I can enjoy it for a whole week. That’s the reward — a whole week to enjoy it until I wait it out to the next.

The Packers also lose and that’s the hardest because you have to wait awhile before avenging that loss. 

This is how it went on Sundays for me — and still does. We woke up and went to church and bible study. On the way back, we listened to the start of the Vikings game (which was on at noon a lot) on the radio, which was always entertaining. 

Finally we would get home and watch the rest of the Vikings game. I lived in Minnesota my whole life, so we watched the Vikings. I always hoped the Packers would be on, too. Sometimes we were, sometimes we weren’t.

Watching Vikings games on FOX in the Metrodome will always be nostalgic. When the Packers weren’t on TV, I would wait for game breaks, which were so fun. I also watched the bottom of the TV for score updates and stats. That was tradition.

Then I waited for halftime to see highlights. I still love halftime because it’s fun to see how teams are doing and who’s hot and who’s not.

The noon games were always more fun because that was when the most action was happening. It always seemed like it was a sunny day in September or cloudy day in October. 

Unless the Packers were playing at 3 p.m., those games weren’t as fun because I was already mentally drained from football and it usually meant the weekend was coming to an end. 

But many times the Packers played at that time, which means we were usually on FOX’s America’s Game of the Week.

Back when I was really little and before I learned to use a computer, I used to watch NFL Primetime on ESPN with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson. I would watch all the highlights from the games, including the Packers. That was fun and the music is nostalgic. Loved that show.

Sunday Night Football is always fun. I usually started my homework during the game, which was a bummer, but the games are always close and Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are so good. If the Packers are on Sunday Night Football, then it gets even better.

From start to finish, Sundays have always been a tradition for me and football. I can’t wait to continue that tradition and sit in my chair and watch all the games. Now that I don’t have homework, it’s even better.

I look forward to the opening game and experiencing all the emotions yet again. 

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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