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A wonderful time

September 11, 2020 by Brett LaBore

I started this column as a way to talk about sports when it seemed there were no sports. It’s been such a joy and a thrill.

Lakeland Union’s football, volleyball and boys’ soccer team started on Monday. Combine that with girls’ tennis, cross country and girls’ swim, my week will be plenty busy. This will be my last column entry for the foreseeable future.

Sports have always been a big part of my life. That’s why I set out to be a sports’ writer. I might as well do something I love if I’m doing it for the rest of my life. I mean, they pay me to go to basketball and football games. 

I’ve had an absolute blast getting to know and cover the wonderful people in this community. There are so many smiling faces and it makes me happy.

What I’ve loved about doing some of these column pieces is share a little bit about me. Everyone has something that makes them unique and personal. 

I have a ton of wonderful memories and little quips or traditions that are a part of my life. It’s been fun to share some of these stories. And I’ve been touched by how many of you like them as well. 

Another thing I’ve done is make a lot of predictions. A lot. I’ve seen many of the great sports talk/debate shows do the same thing. It’s fun to make a guess on an outcome of a game or the structure of a roster. 

It’s even more fun to look back and see where you were right and where you were way off. I’ve been right on a number of things which always makes me look good. I’ve also had a few predictions that were off. 

I think it would be so fun one day to be on one of those debate shows. I like debating and getting people to hear my points. I feel like I can be convincing, especially if I do my research. 

I would have an absolute blast if I got to be on ESPN’s “First Take”, even for just a day. Everyone has their own opinion on who the Greatest of All Time, or GOAT, is in a sport. People have their personal views on what a dynasty is, etc.

Am I qualified enough to talk about sports like the greats do on ESPN and FOX? I don’t know, but I appreciate the opportunity to share my own views and analysis.

I encourage everyone to do what makes you happy. I like sports and movies, and I’m thankful to get the chance to talk about them on this platform. It makes me happy. 

Thank you for following along. I’m so excited that the Thunderbirds are back in action and I look forward to that and other events in the community.

Have fun. Laugh, love and smile each and every day. I know I have. 

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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