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Book review: ‘By The Way’

April 17, 2020 by Emily Koester

People are busy these days, rarely finding time to themselves. The short “By The Way” devotional radio segment, broadcast throughout the United States and beyond, changes that for those who chose to listen.

Speaker of the segment Paul Devantier, currently living in Arbor Vitae, recently released his fifth book under the same name, “By The Way,” a gathering of thoughts from his one-minute daily radio program. 

Each page of the book consists of one of Devantier’s one-minute segments — locally broadcast each morning on WMQA — and a prayer, many of which include a bit of scripture. Some thoughts are new, some a new take on a familiar idea. All of them make you think.

A great way to read this book would be to read one page a day, much like the radio program, to ensure each message gets the attention it deserves. There is even a section with thoughts for holidays and special occasions.

Devantier retired from his on-air job in 2014, after which he and his wife moved to the Northwoods, where they vacationed for years. The cover of the book features a photo by a Northwoods photographer.

“‘By The Way’ thoughts are simple and brief. A minute is a short period of time. Still there may be a thought contained in the short message that can last much longer.”

Emily Koester may be reached at [email protected]

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