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Football and The Blues: No Boise State this fall

September 04, 2020 by Brett LaBore

Sports have been back for a little bit now and that has excited me in every way. But there is one team I love that won’t be playing this fall.

On Aug. 10, the Mountain West Conference canceled football for the 2020 fall season due to COVID-19. In that conference is my favorite team of all time, the Boise State Broncos.

That’s right. My beloved Broncos won’t be playing football this fall. That saddens me because college football has always been my most favorite sport to watch.

There’s still college football, but it’s not the same knowing that we’re not playing. I used to watch games all day, looking forward to the night cap to watch the Broncos play on their iconic blue field.

I’m so, so sad. Born in Idaho, they are my one team and I don’t even get a chance at watching them. I am even more worried about future implications down the road. Are we going to lose recruits? Will players transfer to other schools to play? What will happen to this senior class?

There are so many questions. Then there is the money side. Football brings a lot of money to Boise State, especially with our success. I hope that doesn’t mean budget cuts or losing facilities. 

Not only is Boise State not playing, but there are three other conferences that have opted out. Two of those are big power five conferences in the Pac-12 and Big Ten. The other is the Mid-American Conference (MAC).

It just shows that college football will be vastly different this year. At least with the other sports, all teams are still playing (unless they didn’t qualify for the postseason). Here, the games are just starting and not everyone will play.

I’m not even sure what to feel. I know I’ll be watching the games this weekend and the weekends to follow, but not with the same admiration. 

I actually think they can pull this off. My prediction is college football will finish the season and crown a champion. There will be bumps in the road, but they will get through them. 

Because I think they will pull this off, it makes the cancellation of Boise State’s season even sadder. We should be playing right alongside the rest of these teams. 

Originally, I thought all the conferences were going to cave and there would be no college football this fall. 

I also thought that if there was college football, there would be multiple complications because all these conferences have different rules and each school is handling it a little different. Nothing is unison. 

That’s why I believe in the NFL. At least they have an agreeable system under commissioner Roger Goodell with testing, protocols, etc.

After a couple weeks went by, and it became clear and obviously there would be college football, my tune has changed. Now, I believe there will be college football and I wish Boise State was playing more than anything.

Until next season, I will continue to Bleed Blue. Go Broncos. 

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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