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Golf a great way to enjoy the summer breeze

May 26, 2020 by Brett LaBore

On Sunday, a very fun event took place in Florida between some of the all-time greats in two different sports.

A golf match featuring Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady was the highlight of my Sunday.

It was just another example of sports moving in the right direction towards coming back.

Watching golf got me thinking about the PGA Tour and how much I personally like to golf. It’s always been something fun for me and my family to do.

Growing up, I always loved to watch The Masters, U.S. Open and the British Open. Those were my favorite golf weekends because they were the major tournaments.

I’ve pretty much talked about nearly every sport. I’ve mentioned Brett Favre, Derek Jeter and Dale Earnhardt Jr. My favorite golfer was Ernie Els.

I don’t have a whole lot of backstory with this one. I just know he was my favorite and I’ve stuck with him ever since.

Getting more interested in the sport, I took golf lessons at my local course. I remember getting up at 6 a.m. on summer mornings to hit the course. Those were fun days. When I got my first set of clubs, it felt like Christmas morning. 

When I took golf lessons, a couple days would be instruction and practice and some days we would go on the course and play for real, practicing what we learned that week.

There is one story that I like to remember. One of our chaperones or instructors told my group that whoever hit their drive off the tee the farthest and in the fairway, they would buy us a pop from the clubhouse.

There was four of us. I went first. I hit my drive straight, but not super far. It was a good start, but I didn’t have much hope. The next kid hit his farther than mine, but it went right into the rough. I was still on top.

If I remember correctly, the next kid hit his straight, but not farther than mine. The last kid hit his ball about six feet … he barely made contact and didn’t get a re-do. So I won the mini-contest. A fun highlight for me.

As the years went by, my brother also took lessons. Soon enough, my mom, brother and I were golfing together. It was our tradition in the summer. And many times we went out to Dairy Queen afterwards.

What I’ve learned to appreciate most about golfing through the years isn’t the score I accumulate at the end of the round, but the little things that make it fun.

I love the warm sunshine and feeling the summer breeze. It’s fun to get outside and be with my family. It’s something fun we get to do. I like smelling the fresh cut grass of a golf course. I love to see different plants, water and sometimes even animals.

It’s also fun to get good scores and do well, but that isn’t going to define how much fun I’m having on the course with my family.

I’ve never hit a hole-in-one, but I have many memories of great shots and long putts. My favorite course if Oak Marsh Golf Course in Oakdale, Minn. It’s the course I grew up on and learned to play the game of golf. It also has fun marshes and great scenery.

The PGA Tour is something I still enjoy to watch on TV. It’s relaxing and entertaining to watch a major on a Sunday and see golfers rise up the leaderboard and fall down.

Golf is another sport that brings me back and is one that I still enjoy today. I can’t wait to hit the links once again.

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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