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How I became a Packers fan

April 24, 2020 by Brett LaBore

Living in Minnesota my whole life, I get a common question as a sports fan: Why are you a Packers fan? While I can answer this in a number of ways, I have one simple answer.

Growing up and still to this day, my parents are split on their teams. My dad is a Vikings fan and my mom is a Packers fan. I have no recollection if either of them tried to recruit me to join their side as a kid. I started to watch football with them and picked my own team.

Long story short, I became a Packers fan because of Brett Favre. As a seven-year-old kid, I thought it was so cool a professional athlete had the same first name as me, let alone someone as good as Favre. So I said to myself, “that’s my favorite team.” 

Later out I found out my name is not uncommon and there are numerous “Bretts” in the sporting world. While I still thought it was cool, nobody touched Favre. He was my first favorite athlete and to this day, is still my favorite athlete.

I loved Favre. I soon had his jersey and other memorabilia about him. I had books and posters and other collectibles. I even had a Fathead of him in my room. He was my idol.

Plus, as you all know, he was a pretty good player. I remember him slinging it around the football field, leading the Packers to victory. He was fun to watch as a kid and I loved to watch him play on Sundays.

Once I chose the Packers as my favorite team, I realized a couple of other things I liked about the team. I liked their uniforms and the simple and classic look they had to them. I love the “G” gold helmet. It always jumped off the television and let me know the Packers were playing.

I liked Lambeau Field, the tradition, the coaches and the players on the team. The Packers were just cooler than most of the teams in the NFL, particularly the Vikings. 

Soon after Favre, I learned about their past and loved to hear how we won the first two Super Bowls. I thought Bart Starr and Vince Lombardi were legends.

I quickly learned of other favorite players such as Donald Driver, Al Harris, Javon Walker, Ahman Green and others. These were all players I grew up with and loved. They were larger than life and pretty cool.

The other fun part of this is I get to cheer on the Packers with my mom, something we’ve bonded over for years.

The funny part to the story is I liked Favre so much, I at one point said I would only cheer for the team that Favre was on. If Favre were to switch to another team, that team would be my new favorite team. 

When Favre retired, then un-retired and joined the Jets, I realized I couldn’t abandon the green and gold. I was way too invested in the Packers and could not switch favorite teams. I loved Favre, but not enough to change teams.

It hurt when Favre changed teams. I didn’t understand why he would do that. I still cheered for him and wanted him to have success. He was the reason I cheered for the Packers in the first place. 

Then when Favre went to the Vikings in 2009, I was so sad. Not only was he not playing for the Packers, but for the rival Vikings. Since I lived in Minnesota, I got to watch every single Vikings game and it wasn’t easy seeing him in another jersey. I still liked Favre, but watched with saddened eyes.

As time has gone by, I’m so happy of my decision to cheer for the Packers. I’ve gotten to watch new favorite players like Clay Matthews, Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy and Charles Woodson. I love the way this organization is run and how different it is from the rest of the league.

That difference comes from the fact that the fans essentially own the team. They are shareholders and can own a piece of stock of the Packers. I’m happy to say I’m a shareholder myself, owning a piece of Packers’ history. It’s pretty cool to say I’m an NFL owner … kinda.

Yes I am a Packers fan and a proud one. It all started with Favre. I love to watch the green and gold and will always chant Go Pack Go. 

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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