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No sports: Now what do I do

April 17, 2020 by Brett LaBore

No games to cover and no professional sports to watch. As sports reporter at The Lakeland Times, I miss the games and the action. But I’ve stayed busy in the day-to-day activities.

I started this job about 13 months ago. Ever since I started, I’ve been covering all sorts of sports and have seen my weeknights and weekends fill up. The games and the athletes were a blast to cover and I miss that.

And if there weren’t games to cover, I’d watch March Madness or The Masters or something on the professional or collegiate level.

The NCAA Tournament has always been one of my favorite events to watch. I fill out my bracket and watch all the teams compete and try to survive and advance to the next round. I love the NCAA Tournament. 

The Masters is one of the my favorite golf tournaments of the year. Seeing the beautiful green grass, the atmosphere and the voice of CBS’ Jim Nantz always reminded me that spring had arrived. 

Another thing I’d be ready to watch is Major League Baseball (MLB) Opening Day. That would have been March 26, but as you all know, has been suspended thus far.

There was nothing better than watching all the teams open their brand new season with much hope and promise. The Opening Day lineups and the starting pitchers brought me so much joy. It’s something that I’ve watched for years since I was a kid. I’ll have to wait until it hopefully returns again someday. 

The National Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) Playoffs were set to start this month. I enjoy watching those games and love to see the playoff energy and the crowds and the seven game series.

Not only do the playoffs start in April, but they both last until at least mid-June. That gives us as an audience at least three months to enjoy those playoffs.

Now what do I do? What does the sports reporter do in his free time if there are no sports?

I now have free nights during the week as well as free weekends. I’ve found myself watching different television shows, shows that I haven’t watched before.

I love movies and watch a different movie every night. It gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day and always makes me happy.

On the weekends I relax, sleep in and chill on my deck. The temperatures have started to rise, making it easier to get outside now and then. 

I look forward to the NFL Draft on April 23-25. That is something that is always a highlight for me and I look forward to seeing where all the great college football players go. I have interest to see what my Packers do and where Boise State, my favorite college team, players go.

I’ll wait. I’ll wait for the games, both professional and local, to return, so I can see my favorite athletes and talk about the teams I love.

Even though there are no games, I’m still providing sports’ content and sharing the amazing stories of the community.

Thanks for following along and being part of this journey.

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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