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Partying like there’s no tomorrow

August 09, 2019

Back in the day, when kids caught their parents doing something those parents had told them it was wrong for people to do, the parents had a ready answer:

“Don’t do as we do,” the thundering command would come. “Do as we say do!”

That kind of thinking and response has thankfully gone out of fashion in parenting, but apparently the globalist elites in today’s world think the diktat works just fine. That is to say, today’s international royalty — that global cabal of liberal political rulers, celebrities, corporate executives, and bureaucrats that seeks to run the world — delights in telling us how to live while they conduct themselves in just the opposite fashion.

Over in San Francisco, for example, wealthy homeowners have used restrictive zoning and other means to drive up housing prices and homelessness, but, when the city proposed a homeless shelter, the wealthy went to court to stop it, arguing that it would pose an environmental hazard.

We don’t want the homeless in our backyard, they say. 

The elite liberals of our world also want to disarm the citizenry of their firearms but surround themselves with bodyguards who are armed to the hilt.

Do not as we do but as we say do! the liberal elite screams.

Now this past week, the hypocrisy flew and sailed to a spectacular new level. This time, the globalist elites gathered for a conference on climate change. Their purpose was to party in luxury, and, oh yeah, to save the world from destructive man-made global warming — you know, by pursuing policies to cut carbon emissions in the developed world so drastically that entire industries would implode, and the U.S. middle class would virtually disappear, swallowed whole into vast new colonies of poverty.

So where and what was this climate-change summit? Why, it was a Google Summer Camp, sponsored by two Google founders on the island of Sicily. 

And the elites came in style. By most accounts, the 300 people attending flew in on 114 private jets. The list included Woody Harrelson, David Geffen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Barack Obama, and Prince Harry, a real royal among the royals.

One billionaire came on a 69-meter luxury barge, it was reported; another sailed in on a $165-million luxury yacht, topped by David Geffen’s $400-million yacht.

Now mind you, these private jets and luxury yachts are among the most oil-guzzling polluting vehicles on the face of the Earth. So we have the likes of Geffen and Katy Perry flying half-way around the world on private jets or sailing in on luxury yachts for a get together in which they fuss and fume about how you and I are living a lifestyle that consumes too much fossil fuel.

Now that’s rich.

Fox News did a little calculating about just how much carbon dioxide these attendees, who were also driven around in high-end Maserati SUVs, were putting into the atmosphere. Pretty much, they figured, the average per-person carbon footprint of those flying in would be about eight metric tons, or nearly half of what the average American emits each year.

Now one would think, if we are truly in such a climate crisis, that these elites would have car-pooled. That is, those in America might take a train to a single location and fly together in one plane, while those in Europe did the same. Two or three jets instead of 114.

They didn’t seem to think of this. Or perhaps jet-pooling would be too low class.

And, by the way, they could have just all stayed home and Skyped. All of which brings up a couple of points.

First, if climate change is such a crisis, why aren’t these saviors acting like it’s a crisis. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is often quoted: “I’ll believe that it’s a crisis when the people who claim it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.”

If the lifestyles of the rich and famous globalist elites are responsible for about half of the world’s carbon emissions — and they are — they could immediately take care of half the problem just by changing the way they live.

They could do something real instead of partying the night away listening to Prince Harry give a speech — without shoes, to show how in tune with nature he is. 

Instead, they target the half of the problem that you and I produce. The thing is, our carbon emissions aren’t from jet-setting around the world, but from working day and in and day out to feed our families. 

And if you measure our individual carbon footprints against theirs, well, ours is about a million times less, individually. If there is such a thing as a climate criminal, which the Left gabs on about, it would be the likes of those who attended the Palermo climate summit.

But they would have us sacrifice our already modest means so they can sustain their glorious luxury.

And for nothing. The second point is, there’s not one shred of evidence that man-made carbon emissions are a significant cause of climate change, or that any of the dire climate predictions are coming true. Most of those predictions, in fact, are demonstrably false.

The UN’s world temperature models showing extreme gains in average temperatures over time were long ago discredited. There’s still Arctic ice, too, though Al Gore said it would be gone long ago.

And remember several years back, when Great Lakes water levels fell to record lows?

Then, the climate alarmists told us that those low water levels were caused by global warming and would never recover. So now, of course, a few years later, we have record high water levels in the Great Lakes. 

So what do the climate scientists have to say about this? Well, now they say they saw it coming, and the extreme swing is due to — you guessed it — man-made global warming.

It’s a good thing that such hoaxology doesn’t take much time, because it might interfere with the partying of the globalist elites.

Truthfully, it’s not that climate change isn’t real — there is always climate change — it’s just that human-induced climate change doesn’t appear to be a significant factor. Carbon emissions are not a good thing, and over time should be eliminated, but there’s no reason to believe that we have to cripple the economy and impoverish millions of people by doing so drastically.

There’s no crisis, in other words. There’s no valid science that shows that there is a crisis. And the lifestyles of the rich climate elites underscore that they don’t believe there’s a crisis, either.

At the end of the day, climate change politics is not about the climate. It’s about power and control. As a populist wave sweeps the world challenging the globalist economic monopoly, the elites must figure out ways to intimidate and scare the public into surrendering to their control.

Climate change is one powerful way they try to do that — you must surrender to our wisdom and live poor, or die.

Thankfully, people are not stupid. When the elites party while they tell us the Earth is burning, it’s a fair question to ask: Is the Earth really burning?

It’s fair for the rest of us to tell them to do as we do — live reasonably — and that we refuse to do as they tell us to do while they indulge in bohemian decadence.

It’s fair to say, we will not comply until the hypocrisy stops.


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