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Will someone please tell Joe what is going on?

September 04, 2020

For those who think that “old-time” moderates still exist within the Democratic Party, and that Joe Biden is one of them and thus a “safe” vote for independents, it would be wise to look at the events of this past week, especially in Wisconsin.

Those events tell us in no uncertain terms that the “moderate” label in Democratic Party politics is nothing these days but a contrivance, and that the far left is in control of the party from top to bottom. What the far-left wants, the far-left gets inside the party, and in the nation if Joe Biden wins the presidency.

First, let’s consider far, far away Massachusetts. For the first time ever on Tuesday, a member of the Kennedy dynasty — and in Massachusetts the Kennedy clan was still a dynasty — went down to defeat as U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy lost the U.S. Senate Democratic primary to incumbent Edward Markey.

It wasn’t Markey’s incumbency that got him the win. It was the full-throated backing by the leaders of the party’s far left that scored him the victory, especially the support of Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which Markey had earned by embracing the radical Green New Deal and other equally absurd planks of the far-left fringe.

So for those voters who feel old Joe Biden might just be the senior moment the nation needs, don’t be fooled. Biden’s record is itself bad enough, but it will be the agenda of AOC and the squad-mob — and their emissary in the White House, Kamala Harris — who will carry the day in policy, even if Biden doesn’t yet know it.

A look at Wisconsin proves the point. In his run for governor, Evers was seen like Joe Biden is seen — as the moderate in the field. In the Democratic primary, Evers presented as the mild-mannered moderate bureaucrat while groups aligned with Bernie Sanders pushed several candidates, none of them named Evers: firefighter union chief Mahlon Mitchell, state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, political activist Mike McCabe, and former state Rep. Kelda Roys.

Kamala Harris endorsed Mitchell.

Evers won and went on to beat Scott Walker, of course, but that is not the end of the story. Since his election, Evers has governed in a way that would make AOC gush. He’s pushed gun confiscation and unconstitutional red-flag laws, exerted unilateral authority that has breached constitutional freedoms in the pandemic, and now he has firmly placed himself on the side of rioters and looters in Kenosha.

Evers betrayed his true colors especially in the Kenosha situation. As we wrote last week, the governor has acted like a cheerleader for violence, prosecuting and convicting the police officers involved in the Jacob Blake shooting without any investigation being complete; condemning the “excessive use of force and immediate escalation when engaging with black Wisconsinites,” saying he stood with protesters (aka rioters and looters) demanding justice; and staying silent for days about the violence engulfing the city.

This week, Evers acted even more irresponsibly, telling the president of the United States to stay away. Never mind that such visits are one of the important jobs of the presidency, and Trump performed admirably, assuring the citizens that at least his administration would be there for them and offering millions in aid.

Never mind that for the moment. More important, when a governor of any party turns his or her back on a visit by an elected president, not only refusing to show up but telling the president to stay away, that shows massive disrespect for the office of the presidency, and for the American republic, indeed, for the American people.

Such an attitude does not show Evers’s dislike and disrespect for Donald Trump; rather, it shows his contempt for American democratic institutions and values. It is the calling card of the far left of the Democratic Party.

It demonstrates that Evers is not willing to compromise or to stand side by side with those he disagrees with for the sake of American unity and calm. It is his song of praise to violence.

In his letter, the governor said the Kenosha communities were“grappling with a black man being shot seven times and the loss of two additional lives on Tuesday night at the hands of an out-of-state armed militant.”

Once again, Evers failed to mention the violent looting and burning that had caused so much suffering across the city. The only villains were those who shot a black man, and the out-of-state armed militant who had arrived as a counter protester. Evers convicted him, too.

Once again, while he could muster that the “armed militant” was from out-of-state, Evers made no mention that two-thirds of the rioters and looters arrested over the first few days in Kenosha were from out of town. Once they left, the Kenosha police department reported, the rioting and looting stopped, and there were truly peaceful protests. 

No mention of any of that by Evers.

Neither could the governor bring himself to acknowledge that many of the out of towners were armed themselves. Nor could he bring himself to call for an investigation into who might have been organizing and funding the violent out-of-town criminals who had destroyed so much of Kenosha and inflicted so much pain.

Far from hindering the city’s and the state’s healing, as Evers suggested Trump’s visit would do, the president showed that he cared. He sat down and he listened, and he reassured people that he would secure their safety.

We have heard no such assurances from Evers. Interestingly, while the governor said we could not afford “to ignore armed militants and out-of-state instigators who want to contribute to our anguish,” he made no such statement about armed outside radicals who caused anguish by looting and burning.

In his letter, the governor had no trouble ignoring all the innocent victims of the armed radicals’ invasion and the damage and trauma their violence caused.

Evers also complained that Trump’s visit would take valuable resources away from keeping the people of Kenosha safe. In reality, it was Trump who brought needed resources — almost $5 million to law enforcement and businesses in Kenosha alone, $42 million for Wisconsin as a state.

And he brought a promise to crack down on anti-police and anti-American riots. While Evers whistles the while away pursuing legislation that mostly targets the very people who keep us safe, and with a vengeance, Donald Trump pledges to crack down on the violent destruction of our cities, of our values, of our social cohesion.

We think most people prefer Trump’s agenda over the anti-patriotic posturing of Tony Evers.

During his visit, Trump told the people of Kenosha and indeed all Americans what is needed right now: “To stop the political violence, we must also confront the radical ideology that includes this violence.”

We agree, and it is a pity that the governor of this state will not join that effort. Indeed, it is impossible for Evers to join the president’s efforts to confront a radical anti-American ideology that condones and organizes violence.

It is impossible because he is part of that ideology, and a radical instigator of it. It is an ideology that now completely holds the Democratic Party hostage. If only we could send in the National Guard to save it.

This past week, Wisconsinites and especially the citizens of Kenosha discovered this harsh fact about the Democrats — that they no longer represent a mainstream opposition party but have become an anti-constitution and pro-revolutionary party of the fringe. On Tuesday, the Kennedys learned that fact, too. Surely Bill and Hillary have learned it as well. Now the American people need to grasp it and fast before the November election. 

Probably, too, someone should try and explain all this to Joe Biden. Likely as not, he’ll be the last to know.

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